Apr 2024

Stephen Lawrence Day: 31 Years On, Very Little Has Changed

White supremacy as a racist ideology underpins the justified use of violence and acts of terror against Black and Global Majority populations
Apr 2024

Urgent Plea: Save the MA in Black British Writing at Goldsmiths College!

The loss of this groundbreaking programme, would be akin to ‘cultural and social vandalism’
Aug 2023

Stormzy Launches The Third Year Of The #Merky Books New Writers’ Prize

The prize represents the heart of what #Merky does, publishing bold voices from untraditional spaces, and providing a platform and literary home for new talent
Apr 2023

Cost of Living Crisis: £20,000 Funding Available via The Phoenix Way

Successful organisations will be working with young people or women and girls who are at risk
Jan 2023

The White Man’s Burden

Just like the term ‘white saviour’ it is a critical description of a white person’s need and desire to liberate, rescue or uplift non-white people
Jan 2023

2022 Year in Review

2022 was a very sombre year, characterised by soaring food and energy prices, record breaking temperatures, and the passing of Queen Elizabeth II
Oct 2022

AVOCADO+ Applications open for the UK’s only accelerator programme for BAMER-led organisations

An innovative one year programme designed to build the capacity and sustainability of small organisations
Oct 2022

Rishi wins the race to the top. But will his race divide or unite the UK?

Is Sunak’s appointment a triumph of EDI, or is he just another tokenistic pawn, pursuing dither and delay tactics against racial progress
Oct 2022

World Mental Health Day 2022

This year’s  theme is ‘make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority’
Oct 2022

Europe continues to meddle, while it continues to implode

Leaders in the West need to look inwards and quench the rising tide of anarchy, rebellion and hopefully revolution
Sep 2022

A new public artwork breaks new ground over public space with links to the transatlantic slave trade

The Anchor, The Drum, The Ship offers triangulation points to create conversation around plantations, horticulture, colonialism, migration, botany and storytelling
Sep 2022

Funding News: October 2022

New grant funding opportunities over the coming months