Aug 2022

Funding News: August 2022

New grant funding opportunities over the coming months
Jul 2022

BoJo Quits: gone, but not going yet!

As the political poster boy for nationalistic rhetoric, he stoked division, and his vain values of Britishness led to our withdrawal from the EU
Jun 2022

Refugee Week 2022: Healing Together

Through creativity and conversations, Refugee Week 2022 will be a celebration of community, mutual care, and the human ability to start again
Jun 2022

Black in Time: The Most Awesome Black Britons from Yesterday to Today

Through fact files, narrative stories and interviews, the book showings young readers how Black History is British history
Jun 2022

Funding News: June 2022

New grant funding opportunities over the coming months
May 2022

“The British Empire depended on racist ideology in order to function”

‘deep-rooted racism of the Windrush scandal’ was in fact designed to reduce the proportion of people living in the UK who did not have white skin’
Apr 2022

The ‘Adultification’ of Black Girls: Anne Longfield’s Commission on Young Lives and Exclusion Culture

“If you want to explore the adultification of Black girls, we have to look at the history, which is rooted in slavery and colonialism.”
Feb 2022

Thandiwe Newton’s performative apology is steeped in an identity crisis we helped create

Being lighter-skinned does have certain privileges, and we all know why. But what about personal integrity?
Jan 2022

Even in death, you can’t escape racist backhand remarks

The ‘Pharaoh of Fabulosity’ was a flamboyant, towering Queer Black man
Jan 2022

A New Standard of Beauty or Tokenistic Mannequins?

‘Reverse Bleaching’. ‘Black Skin Porn’. How the fetishisation of dark skinned Black Women has become a trend
Nov 2021

Art X Lagos Stages a Triumphant Return: The only physical Art Fair on the African Continent since 2020

The 6th edition its largest to date, brought together 30 leading international galleries from 15 countries around the world to present work in a hybrid exhibition
Nov 2021

TikTok Introduces new Black Creator Trailblazers Programme

A new initiative designed to nurture and develop 30 talented, emerging Black creators, musicians and artists