The Arrival of Autumn brings a Sumptuous feast for the Senses

I love this time of year…

Autumn is the transition of long summer days, into colder shorter nights.

We huddle under blankets and review unmet goals.

We dust off board games and quench our thirst with hot cocoa.

Kids pick apples, pumpkins and conkers.

And families unite for the Autumn Moon, Thanksgiving, Harvest Festival, Diwali, Halloween, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

The Autumn months not only present us with a time of reflection as we usher in the New Year, but it’s also season of  renewal – for the mind, body, soul and for nature.

We see beauty in the world, as leaves change colour, and stain our pavements with the whisper of hope.

We hear the bang of fireworks, the crackle of bonfires and the flutter of wings, as birds flock together and migrate for the winter.

We feel the earth, as new crops are planted, and newly harvested Yams are presented to God by Igbo sons and daughters.

Autumn also brings an array of Black musical talent. From established home-grown artists and emerging acts, to bonafide global superstars.

Check out our ‘What’s On’ page for my pick of upcoming tours and performances.


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