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Review & Interview with Founder of Moneopura: Natural Products for Black Skin

Review & Interview with Founder of Moneopura: Natural Products for Black Skin

Review & Interview with Founder of Moneopura: Natural Products for Black Skin

Moneopura is a Black owned brand that sells natural skin care products, founded by Monica. I have been using Moneopura products for over a year now. It seemed really fitting as I was looking for a Black owned, affordable, and effective skincare brand, at the time that could help treat my skin issues. So, I tried out one of Moneopura’s products, and I’ve never looked back. Here’s my review of the products and interview with the Founder, Monica who has kindly given our readers 15% off using the code: Max15

Treating Hypopigmentation/Hyperpigmentation With Black Owned Natural Skincare Products

Hyperpigmentation is not an uncommon skin condition in the Black community. Like many other Black Women, I suffer from hyperpigmentation. But more predominantly, I have hypopigmentation, where there are lighter patches of skin on my face. As a child, this really affected my confidence at school and I always struggled to find products that would help improve the issue.

I came across a brand before Moneopura that did help me with this, but as I wanted to support a Black business, I decided to try out their products to see if they could be an effective substitute. And surely, they did not disappoint and have proven to be even better!

Review & Interview with Founder of Moneopura: Natural Products for Black Skin

Moneopura: Natural Products for Black Skin


The face serums and creams from Moneopura’s range were the first products I tried to help me with my skin discoloration. I also have dry skin, so maintaining moisture is a key part of helping to keep my skin thriving. Moneopura has a range of different naturally scented moisturising creams in their line, as well as serums.

I’ve used the Turmeric and scented vanilla coconut scented face creams. These, coupled with the Vitamin C Skin Brightening serum have both helped in evening out my skin tone. They also keep my face moisturised and glowing throughout the day.

Review & Interview with Founder of Moneopura: Natural Products for Black Skin

Maxine Harrison: Business Editor

Dark Circles: Black Owned Natural Skincare Products

This is another skin problem I have struggled with all my life. I’ve tried several eye creams to help treat this issue but to my dismay, none have worked. So, when I saw Moneopura’s Cucumber eye cream, I was excited to try it, as they had never failed me yet in making an impact with my skincare.

This time, I was thoroughly surprised to see that the dark circles had significantly lifted and blended more in with the rest of my skin tone. It was weird looking into the mirror seeing this change as I could not recall a time where my dark circles had been this unnoticeable.

Deodorant: Black Owned Natural Skincare Products

Not long before discovering Moneopura, I discovered that using antiperspirant can actually be harmful because of the properties it contains to stop you from sweating. So, I was open to trying natural deodorant alternatives. And once again, Moneopura superseded my expectations with their Franckinsence and Sweet Organge deodorant.

I also love that Moneopura send a special thank you note with their packaging, a small candle, and sweeties with each order. These extra gifts make you feel appreciated as a customer.

An Interview With Monica, Founder of Moneopura

Review & Interview with Founder of Moneopura: Natural Products for Black Skin

Monica, Founder of Moneopura

When did you launch Moneopura and what inspired you to launch the brand?

Moneopura actually started back in late 2018. The reason behind that is, funnily enough, I had gone natural back in 2011 and it was a struggle to find any products to really help. So, I decided to start making my own whipped butters to use on my hair, but that did not go well at first. So, I ended up relaxing my hair because the struggle was quite hard. And, at the time, I didn’t know that I could go to YouTube and get help. So, a year later, I started going back to natural. I was transitioning, so that’s how I came across YouTube doing some research. But they didn’t really have a lot of products in the UK to help with natural hair.

So, I had to invent my own. I started making whipped hair and body butters and everyone was like ‘your hair is growing, how are you doing it?’. Then I said I’m just making my own products. They wanted me to make them the products as well. So, I made it but obviously had to charge them because it costs me money to make these things. So that’s how Moneopura started.

I didn’t really take it seriously up until late 2019. Because I was still working and still work for the NHS part-time. My husband thought Moneopura could take off and so I started paying more attention and wanted to start selling to more than just friends and family. So that’s how I came to open my Etsy store.

My husband came up with the name Moneopura. My name is Monica, so Moneo came from Monica. And the brand and products we were going for were natural, clean, and pure products. Hence the name Pura comes from pure. So, it’s Monica and pure blended together, basically!

Your prices are affordable, which you don’t see much of in the skincare market. How did you decide on your price point?

With the pricing, we wanted to make good products that were going to match what you could get from the high-end products, but obviously without the price tags for it.

So, coming from the background of when I was looking for natural products they were way too expensive for me. I see a lot of people selling similar products for a lot of money, but as long as I can make a reasonable profit from what I’m making, I want someone else to benefit from that as well.

So, I’ve had customers say you can charge a lot more for this. I’m like, yeah I know, but I am making enough money and am not losing out so why hike up the price, just for the sake of profit? I want everyone to be able to benefit from it.

So, my pricing actually comes from how much my ingredients costs; the amount of time it takes me to make the products; and then the packaging and everything that comes along with it. I price it accordingly. I could charge a lot more, but it’s not necessary.

You also use glass throughout your range, is sustainability important to you?

At first, I just started off by buying and making stuff but after research I thought maybe using packaging that was going to help the environment was good, and also using packaging that the customer could reuse was another benefit. I might make suggestions of how you can reuse the products as well in the future. Maybe a YouTube video, who knows!

You can check out Moneopura’s Etsy store, here! Also, follow them on Instagram @moneopuraco.

Written By: Maxine Harrison our Business Editor. She is also a freelance writer and founder of the Remi Reports blog – a blog helping freelance creatives build their business and lifestyle.

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