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Self-Care Practices For Business Owners: Top 11 Tips

Self-Care Practices For Business Owners: Top 11 Tips

With February being the month of love, we thought it would be fitting to share some tried and tested self care practices for business owners. Being self-employed often means managing a lot on your own and it can be easy to slip into a zone of working non-stop. But self-care should be a priority, and incorporated into your daily routine as a route to success.

1. Create A Morning Ritual

Starting your day right helps set your mind in the right place. A simple morning routine can help you feel like you’re ready to face whatever the day brings. Reading inspirational words from a devotional for example, could be a good option, or watching an inspirational video could be worth looking into also.

2. Decorate Your Work Space

The environment you work in can actually play a big part in how well you work. As many of us are working from home at the moment, we have more flexibility to decorate our workspace. Why not try getting framed inspirational quotes to help you feel motivated? Plants are also good company, as well as giving your room look a fresh feel!

3. Practice Meditation

Meditating allows you to take time out to simply breathe. Apps like Abide and HeadSpace audibly guide you through meditations with calming background music.

4. Incorporate Exercise

Taking care of your physical health also has an effect on your mental health too. When your body is well looked after, you feel more energised and productive. From a simple walk around your block, to a gym session, to even a fun dance routine, there are various ways you can build exercise into your self care routine. This can help when working from home or in an office environment, as you’re more likely to be at your laptop all day. Here’s a 25 minute HIIT exercises you can try:

5. You Are What You Eat!

Eating the right food also has an effect on your overall well being. Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water. Avoid smoking or drinking too much alcohol. Try adding up to five portions of fruit and vegetables into your meal plans, these include canned and frozen varieties, as well as juices and smoothies. And if you find it easier, maybe even consider taking supplements, to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of nutrients!

6. Connect With Others

The journey of an entrepreneur can get lonely if you don’t make the effort to reach out and network with others. Spending time with those who bring you joy is key to maintaining your self care. Laughter is medicine for the soul, so laugh often, it can really elevate your mood. You can also share your worries with those you trust and there are also helplines available for you to reach out to. You could also consider therapy as a regular part of your self care routine.

7. Take A Nap

We are not robots and therefore we need our rest as humans! As a business owner, you do have more flexibility in your schedule, so if you feel you need a rest in the middle of the day, you can make this possible. Getting some shut eye helps you rest and recharge. You deserve this after all the hard work you put into your business!

8. Learn To Say NO

Being self-employed, there are no guarantees for business opportunities. It can therefore feel like you have to say yes to every opportunity. But in the end, this can lead to you burning out. So, it’s important to make boundaries and say NO sometimes. Through saying no, you garner a type of respect for yourself in knowing what you can take on, and others will catch onto this too.

9. Pick Up A Hobby

In recent years, many have been focused on creating side hustles, and there has become less focus on doing things, simply for the fun of it with no financial gain attached.
Revisiting hobbies you had when you were younger and perhaps haven’t done in a while can be a way to revive a creative spark, which you can freely explore.

Artist Elizabeth Colomba

10. Celebrate Your Wins

Sometimes, as business owners, we feel like we are at a halt, if  for example there’s been a slowdown in sales. This is why it’s so important to track your progress and celebrate your wins – no matter how small or big they are. Looking back on the progress you have made, reminds you that you are growing and helps reduce stress.

11. Ask For Help When You Need It

We all need help from time to time. A key part of scaling your business is building a team that supports you and your what your company stands for. Joining online groups to connect with people in your field can help you find a sense of solidarity and relate to those who’re on a similar journey to you. Whether it’s mentoring or outsourcing a virtual assistant or freelancer to help with a project, you can find peace of mind when you’re getting help from those rooting for you. If you’re worried about finances too, it may be worth checking if you are entitled to government help, whether it’s the SEISS or even Universal credit in the UK, during the pandemic especially. If you are entitled, this can help alleviate some pressure from you.

I hope these tips of self care for business owners help you as a self-employed person, for this month and beyond.

Written By: Maxine – a freelance writer and founder of the Remi Reports blog, a lifestyle blog for freelance creatives. She has published pieces in The Independent and The Voice Newspaper.

Header Image: courtesy of Getty Images.

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