Africa in Focus

Aug 2021

COVID-19: The Looming Threat of the Third Wave

Political actors have been pushing a return to normalcy while millions of people are still at risk of dying under another wave
Aug 2021

This Child of Mine: Part Two

You are my child. My special child. Not an in-between, just my child. I was not brave enough to stand up for you, but the people with you are your pillars
Aug 2021

Why Multinational Corporations Do Not Build Economies or Cities

We can not sacrifice communities for the promises of commercial enterprise; our economies and our cities are built by people, not corporations
Aug 2021

Is Africa Underdeveloped?

We discuss what ‘aid’ does for recipient countries, and judging to what extent social progress and economic growth are helped or hampered
Jul 2021

São Tomé and Príncipe: Uncertainty Lingers as Presidential Election Heads for Runoff

Carlos Vila Nova-a former infrastructure minister, and Guilherme Posser da Costa-former prime minister, will contest in the runoff scheduled for 8th August 2021
Jul 2021

Breast Ironing: Why is this still happening in so many African societies?

Cultural practices like Female Genital Mutilation, honour killings, child marriages and breast ironing are just a few of the horrible ways patriarchy manifests itself
Jul 2021

Domestic Servitude and Gender Based Violence in Nigeria

Men enter the real world with no domestic skills, can’t cook, clean, or look after themselves because patriarchy promised them an unpaid caregiver in the form of a wife
Jul 2021

Sex Education Curriculum in Zambia Under Review After Rejection

The government introduced Sex Ed. There was a widespread calls, led by the church and traditional leaders to do away with the subject
Jul 2021

This Child of Mine: Part One

“His face is mine, but his parts are not. I… I don’t understand. Monica, we can’t raise this baby. It’s cursed.”
Jul 2021

eSwatini: Anti-Monarchy Protests in Africa’s Last Absolute Kingdom

The King’s lavish lifestyle contrasts with his subjects. The UN reports the national poverty rate at 63%, unemployment at 41%, and HIV prevalence at 31%
Jul 2021

African Herbalism, Culture and Resistance

“The idea that the human body is simply a biomechanical machine is incredibly reductionist, and harmful to the potential for human beings to heal themselves”
Jun 2021

The NYSC: An Outdated Scheme failing Nigeria’s Youth

The overarching problem of insecurity plaguing many states, puts the lives of the corpers travelling to strange new states in great immediate danger