Africa in Focus

Jun 2022

In Conversation with South African Queer Rights Activist Zawadi Mashego on the Black Lesbian Experience

Following the release of the poignant documentary film ‘Rape for Who I Am’ in 2006, have the realities of being a Black lesbian changed for South African Women in 2022?
Jun 2022

Vickie Remoe’s ‘Make Sierra Leone Famous’ Podcast Breaks New Ground

The podcast allows Vickie to further the cultural resurgence amongst millennial Sierra Leoneans, while its audio format enables her to broach broader topics
May 2022

Kah Walla: A Cameroonian Fighting for Change

In April 2011, she was elected as president of the Cameroon People’s Party (CPP). Kah Walla is credited as the first woman to reach the upper echelons of power in Cameroon
Jan 2022

Building Connections, Skills, and Opportunities for Women in Nigeria’s Tech Industry

By opening pathways for Women, these organisations are helping provide safer working environments and reduced avenues for sexual harassment in this male-dominated field
Nov 2021

Is Nigeria ready for the eNaira?

The digital currency issued directly to users, aims to promote financial inclusion, facilitate diaspora remittances, foster cross border trade
Nov 2021

The collapse of the Ikoyi building in Lagos, proves that human rights starts with infrastructure

The unfolding events serve as a painful reminder that housing security cannot be bought. The bubble afforded to the elites does not guarantee safety
Nov 2021

Image Based Abuse: How Revenge Porn is Violence Against Women

We make it seem like it’s okay to humiliate Women for having sex or sharing intimate pictures with a partner, then blame the victim whilst protecting the perpetrator
Oct 2021

#BHM Elizabeth Marami is Going Against the Tide

“Sexual harassment does happen, as women are the minority. But I have learnt to put my foot down and insist that on board a ship, we are colleagues”
Oct 2021

#BHM “When you educate a girl, you educate the whole nation.” How this Chief Leader is Protecting Girls in Malawi 

Early marriages are sometimes seen as a “way out” of poverty for young children, especially girls, who bear the brunt of economic hardship
Oct 2021

Cape Verde: Former Prime Minister, José Maria Neves, Elected President

His lengthy experience is needed, as he takes over at a time of deep COVID-induced economic recession and soaring inflation for the country
Oct 2021

#BHM Professor Thuli Madonsela: The Social Justice Aficionado

The Eastern Cape is one of the poorest and least developed provinces in the country while South Africa is the world’s most unequal country in the world
Oct 2021

20.10.20 The Lekki Massacre: The #EndSARS Protests Ended Nothing

Activism has been a prime strategy against injustice and was the major tool in overcoming colonialism, military dictatorship, and government-sanctioned violence