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New Publication – Reflections: Cultural Voices of Black British Irrepressible Resilience

New Publication – Reflections: Cultural Voices of Black British Irrepressible Resilience

Reflections is a new publication that brings forth the contributions of Black people in arts, culture and heritage from a British and Afro-European perspective, rendering them visible.

It explores historical and contemporary contexts and how these are expressed in various art forms.

Featuring papers by Stephen Small, Kadija Sesay, Tara Lopez, Maureen Salmon, Eddie Chambers, Carol Leeming and Philip Herbert, with a preface by Pawlet Brookes, Reflections brings together these key voices to discuss Black British theatre, dance, classical music, carnival, literature and the cultural impact of Windrush.

Learn more about Black pioneers in British arts, culture and heritage, explore past histories and see how these connect to current contexts.

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