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Thriving while Neurodiverse: an interview with Remi Ray

Thriving while Neurodiverse: An Interview with Remi Ray

Thriving while Neurodiverse: An Interview with Remi Ray

I spoke to Remi Ray about her imperfect yet inspiring journey towards thriving while neurodiverse. Remi was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of 19. In the early years of her professional career, she was bullied by senior management staff. As a result, she initially carried a high level of shame that many with a learning disability in corporate environments do. Professionally, she eventually turned to entrepreneurship feeling she had no other choice.

Today, Remi Ray is a neurodiversity coach specialising in leadership and performance. She prides herself on supporting her clients to reach their highest potential by helping them rediscover their value, learn how to lead with their strengths by breaking down barriers caused by common stigmas associated with being neurodiverse. Remi’s coaching practice and work at the Diverse Creative CIC is legacy work centred on empowerment and healing.

As a natural leader, Remi uses her lived experience to create spaces for those who struggle to be seen, nurtured, and heard. She is now recognised as one of the top 50 most influential neurodivergent women in the UK (2019) by Women Beyond the Box for being an early adopter of the body confidence movement, and for her contribution to the billion-dollar plus-size fashion industry with her award-winning concept, The British Plus-size Fashion Weekend.

Overall, our conversation demonstrated how far Britain has to go in making education, work and society more accessible for diverse brains. While institutions neglect neurodiverse accessibility, Remi’s work is a promising force in fostering inclusivity and acceptance.


Artwork By: @artbyfunmi

Photo of Remi Ray taken by: Ozge Ekin Gun

Written By: Funmi Ljadu – a Nigerian-based collage artist and writer. In her work, she enjoys exploring her identity as well as wider socio-political issues she observes in the spaces she’s in. Visit her blog and follower her on Instagram

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