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Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

Top 7 New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year that has affected many business owners. Some self-employed people have been given the SEISS grant, whilst some were sadly not even eligible for it. 2021 is an opportunity to get a fresh perspective for your business goals. Below are 7 practices every small business can implement this year.

1. Invest In Project Management

With many people working from home, we need to put things in place to keep ourselves and our team accountable for completing projects. Investing in a Content management system (CMS) like Asana can really help you with project management when working in teams remotely, as it includes features like to-do lists that you can see in real-time what has and hasn’t been done.

2. Meeting Etiquette

Zoom is now a prerequisite, a staple in how we participate in meetings. Many have used it, amongst other video calling software this year (like Microsoft Teams), more than ever before! But with this new territory, comes a different etiquette. Just because we may be having meetings remotely, it doesn’t mean we no longer have to make an effort in the other aspects of work culture. For the new year, why not create some cultural standards for your team in work meetings. It could mean still dressing professionally or including coffee catch ups. Putting things in place to still maintain the traditional work culture, can help make your team members home, feel more like an office setting.

3. Reignite Motivation

2020 took us by surprise from the very start, which in turn may have affected your motivation. But we have now had a year to get more familiar with navigating life in the midst of a pandemic. So, view 2021 as an opportunity to reignite your passion for your business and reaching your goals.

4. Invest In Yourself

COVID has given many of us more time. This means more time to educate yourself to help further grow your brand. Why not take up a course in your industry? It’s hard to say when we will all get another chance like this to have so much time on our hands. So, taking advantage of it in this way could give your business a real boost! If you have staff members too, you could also invite them onto some training.

5. Networking

Connecting with other business owners, like yourself, helps to grow your network and your network is your net-worth! Facebook and LinkedIn groups are great places to start. Searching for groups in your business’ niche are ways to meet entrepreneurs who are in the same field as you. The Dots is a great networking platform for creatives in particular. In a post-Covid world, which we will hopefully achieve in 2021, in-person networking events are a good option too.

6. Digital Marketing

We know now that having an online presence has become even more integral to running your business. If you haven’t already, consider how you can improve your digital marketing strategies in 2021. SEO is key for any website wanting to increase their reach. Social media also helps in building a following for your brand, which could then lead to more customers or clients.

7. Work/Life Balance

The new year is likely to continue to welcome more flexibility in working from home. But sometimes lines get blurred when working from home, so it’s important to be disciplined and acknowledge what is and what isn’t work at home. Remember to take time out away from work doing things that bring you joy. Burnout is never good and focusing on non-work-related tasks helps you to recharge for when you do return to work.

We hope these resolutions help motivate you for your business strategy and success in 2021.

Written by: Maxine Harrison – a freelance writer and founder of the Remi Reports blog – a blog helping freelance creatives build their business and lifestyle. She has published pieces in The Independent and The Voice Newspaper.

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