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Laid Locs Hair Gel for Black Hair

Laid Locs: A Safe and Effective Natural Hair Gel For Black Hair

Laid Locs: A Safe and Effective Natural Hair Gel For Black Hair

As the Business Editor, I’m currently embarking on a business project of my own. I plan to launch a natural hair gel for Black hair; something that is often not profiled enough. Here’s a little about my journey in this business idea and the all-or-nothing crowdfunder I have launched to turn this idea a reality.

The Problem

Although I could find hair conditioning and moisturising products that offered all-natural alternatives, I struggled to find all-natural hair gels that worked as well as the big brand competitors (which had harmful ingredients in them). So, I did some research to make my own all-natural hair gel and found a formula that worked so well for my 4c textured hair.

After creating and sending out a survey about hair gels, asking people whether they’re aware of the ingredients, over 70% of respondents said they don’t actually know if the products they are using is safe.

Research has shown that there are a variety of products, especially Black hair products, that contain harmful ingredients, and some even illegal. Some of these Black hair products include Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDC’s), which affect the functioning of hormones.

Current research studies show a connection between fibroids and chemicals in Black hair products, like relaxers for example. Statistics indicate that Black Women are 2-3 times more likely to develop fibroids in comparison to their white counterparts.

A study by the Silent Spring Institute highlighted that hat Black Women are exposed to many potentially hazardous chemicals, through hair products. Chemicals like cyclosiloxanes (silicone), nonylphenols (detergent-like substances), and phthalates (a substance added to plastic to encourage malleability) have been then linked to hormone disruption. There are also links to asthma, infertility, and even cancer in some cases.

Many Black Women are unaware of this. It can be tempting to just buy a Black hair product based on aesthetics and packaging. Sometimes, the labeling even says ‘natural’, but if you look closely at the ingredients listed, it proves otherwise.

So it’s important for us to be aware of what we use on our hair and if the ingredients pose a threat to our health – both in the short and long term.

Laid Locs Hair Gel Logo: courtesy Maxine Harrison

Laid Locs Hair Gel Logo: courtesy Maxine Harrison

What will this funding go towards?

The purpose of the funding is to undertake rigorous stability testing to ensure the product has a long shelf life and performs well. Stability tests are approximately £1000. Other tests include PET’s, that tests the preservatives used are safe, and other tests check the formula for bacteria.

Ideally, I’d like to put the hair gel through all these applicable tests to ensure that on its launch, it’s perfect. I’m currently working with a chemist to ensure the preservatives used in the product are all naturally derived .

Moreover, sustainability is a key component of the gel. I want to use biodegradable containers and packaging, such as paper or bamboo, decreasing our environmental footprint.

About Me

Primarily, I am a freelance writer with a niche in Black hair. So, as you can imagine, I have a strong passion for natural hair. Being conscious about what you put in your hair to help your hair journey is paramount to your overall health.

Throughout my two years of being a freelance writer, and my own personal natural hair journey, I have learned about ingredients and consumers of Black hair products and their habits. This knowledge will undoubtedly help me in launching Laid Locs gel.

For more information and to support my crowdfund campaign please click here and follow my fundraising progress @laidlocs 

NB: This is an ALL OR NOTHING Crowdfund. Meaning, if I do not reach the target, all donations will be refunded.

Written By: Maxine Harrison is our Business Editor. She is also a freelance writer and founder of the Remi Reports blog – a blog helping freelance creatives build their business and lifestyle.

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