Real Reads


May 2022

‘Open Water’ by Caleb Azumah Nelson: An Exploration of Black Love

To love, lose and lust is a universal experience, there is trauma, which has the power to rob people of the joy they deserve
May 2022

Therapy “changed my life. It saved my life”: An Insight into Black Women’s Mental Health with The Maya Centre

‘For many of the women… it’s too much for them to unlock that cage that they have been put into, in their mind, as much as socially’
Nov 2021

In conversation with Dominican Singer-Songwriter NAVY

Listeners can look forward to stories, interpretations, arguments, laments and even a little bit of flirting on the project
Oct 2021

#BHM Valerie Goode is taking the term “grassroots activism” quite literally, with her community garden

“It’s vitally important that we have spaces where we have the autonomy to grow food in peace and free ourselves from the corporate toxic food production system”
Oct 2021

#BHM Olive Morris: the Unapologetically Black Radical Squatter

Morris fought institutional racism, sexism and an economic system that squeezed any real comfortability from the working class to feed the glutinous few
Oct 2021

#BHM Barbados’ First Female Prime Minister, Mia Mottley, Is Making History Her Story 

“We refuse to be relegated to the footnotes of history, and to be collateral damage to the greed of others”
Oct 2021

#BHM Tsitsi Dangarembga’s This Mournable Body Provides a Haunting Reflection of a Zimbabwe Unfulfilled 

The book explores an unsettling legacy of broken promises from the past, failed dreams of the present and an uncertain future climate
Oct 2021

#WorldMentalHealthDay Navigating University with Bipolar Disorder: My Story

Growing up in an African mostly religious environment meant my initial cries for help were met with fear, and urges to pray against what was considered a demonic attack
Oct 2021

In Conversation with ‘Hairvolution’ Authors Saskia Calliste and Zainab Raghdo

The book came about during the Black Lives Matter protests, with discussions about our position in the workplace, beauty and how we show up in the world
Oct 2021

World Leaders Must Acknowledge the Problematic Historical Roots of Climate-induced Migration

The Global Majority suffer the consequences of climate change while creating the least amount of pollution, this perpetuates a form of eco-imperialism
Oct 2021

Countries Like Nigeria and Haiti Are Amid a Kidnap-For-Ransom Crisis, Here’s How and Why

Acts rooted in ideology remain influenced by social and economic factors. It is harder to radicalise people when they have much more to lose
Sep 2021

How Artificial Intelligence Exacerbates the Systematic Biases of the Real World 

Marginalised people are facing more discrimination in healthcare, work, and travel environments, as AI technology uses white, able-bodied men as the standard